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Every day, the Aeffect team strives to be a committed service provider for companies aiming for the top. In an equal partnership based on trust, we help companies to coordinate their strategy with their staffing needs.

Aeffect never relies on databases for this, instead focusing on offering custom solutions. Our team consists of colourful, experienced professionals who, like sherpas, accurately map out scenarios with their focus on the solution. All of the members of our team have their own field of expertise so we can offer a complete package of services, and we all have the same intrinsic and enthusiastic motivation to get to the essence of a project.


Our team



“Hans serves his clients with persistence and grace. From the first moment, it is clear that he is 100 percent committed, without being forced. It's easy to see why he has an enormous network that he can access in an instant. He builds relationships and connections between people, both for himself and for others. Most of his contacts will automatically smile when they think of him. An entrepreneurial service provider who offers his clients his total creativity.”

“A driven and energetic person with the enthusiasm and charisma to convince and connect, but who you have to allow to do his own thing. That’s Hans. He’s fanatical in realising results for the client and the candidate, and he’ll do everything in his power to maintain his reputation as an involved party in the market. He is creative, has strong communication skills, is constantly active, is always looking for improvement and is never satisfied with less than the best. Always happy, never satisfied. That can sometimes be a little tiring. His motto speaks volumes: “If you think you’ve made it, you’re finished”, or to put it simply: “Stay hungry”. That’s Hans in a nutshell. When you bring in Hans as a business partner, then you’re bringing in a helpful but not obsequious service provider, who calls things as he sees them in order to create the optimal solution for the client-candidate-Aeffect triangle. He also believes that no one person’s ego should be bigger than that of the whole, or in his words: “Your ego shouldn’t be bigger than the brand."



“Jeroen has the ability to transform visions into realisation. He creates clarity and simplicity in the chosen course and guides others easily by taking a series of clear steps forwards. His enthusiasm and positive attitude are disarmingly charming.”

“Jeroen is known for his honesty and authenticity. He doesn’t mince words, and is able to look at problems or challenges from a variety of perspectives, by putting himself in other peoples’ shoes.”

“He gets emotional when other people are treated unfairly. That’s what makes him unique!”

“Jeroen is quality. He stands both for and behind his company. He is naturally enthusiastic and helpful.”