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Your company can use a strategic workforce plan to identify possible scenarios for your workforce. However, this only generates useful options if you are already aware of alternative candidates for key functions. Aeffect is unique in creating networks and bringing professionals and companies together, confidentially and with appropriate expectations. We manage and maintain a talent network for each key position, and we facilitate contact when an opportunity arises. The result is a smooth landing and a win for all parties.

At Aeffect, we will examine your company and job profile and then go to work to find talented individuals from the labour market whose skills and experience match your needs and expectations. Whether your organisation is a government agency with demographic issues or a commercial business facing technological challenges, our focus is always on making informal introductions without a concrete job opening or a required succession. Aeffect has a broad network of suitable individuals and can therefore offer rewarding opportunities for all of the parties involved.

Aeffect also acts as a ‘brand ambassador’ for both clients and candidates. Our frequent contact with the external talent network means that we can keep parties both informed of new developments and enthusiastic about possible collaboration. When a position does become available, we can then move quickly to bring the client and the candidate into contact with each other.

SWP Search contributes to a successful and professional image that distinguishes your company from your competitors. Our relaxed and confidential approach offers flexibility and resilience enabling you to come into contact quickly with talented individuals. This is how Aeffect helps you to use strategic workforce planning to translate your words into actions and create opportunities. Tomorrow’s winners think about success today.